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Web Presence 101

We get it almost daily.

We talk to many Michigan based businesses and the assumption is “If I have a website, I have an online presence!”

Not really Mr. Customer.

Not Really.

And that’s okay that you think that way, because you are like most Michigan based companies who have a website.

Why do most small business owners make a website? Sure, because it makes you professional, solidifies you as a business, and it acts as another store front.  However, I think at the end of the day we can agree that you had a website created because the goal was to bring in revenues and to make money.

As a business owner …have you ever tried to FIND your business online? I don’t mean your name or physically typing in www.YOURBUSINESS.com.

I am talking specifically searching for the services you offer.  For example: “Attorneys, Midland Michigan. ” “Plumbers, Bay City, Mi”  “Eye doctor, Saginaw Mi”

Did you happen to see your business listed on the first page?

Do you know why you are not ranking on the first page?

How would that impact your business if you could get ranking on the first page?

and the most important question of them all….

Based on what you see on the first page, who would be getting all the business when a customer is looking for your services.

Not you Mr. Customer 

Enter FindMI.

We don’t just build websites: We build brands. We build success.


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