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Responsive Mobile Websites.

Mobile Websites…. Responsive Design…….. We got em!

I’m sure every kind of sales person has been in your office talking up how great mobile websites are & the benefits of them. They have also given you pretty little pictures and sales collateral that backs up what they preached.

And, it’s all true.

Mobile is here and it’s here to stay.

Let me bring to you a different perspective how important mobile is.

I’m currently sitting in a restaurant and there is a lady sitting next to me in her booth  (some type of nurse, the scrubs give it away) and she’s searching for something on her android smartphone.

Across the room from me, the gentlemen must be into some fancy game because his nose is about two inches from his I-pad.

How can you as a business owner not see the value in that?  People are constantly connected to the internet – and it’s mobile.

Need more proof?

Think about this scenario.

People literally risk their lives for mobile.  Yep, I said that right, RISK their lives. . .

How many times a day do you see drivers attached to their cell phones. As horrible as that sounds, it’s true. Risking their lives right?

Heck, you have city management in New York City considering putting  bubble wrap up on their poles on account of people with their noses in cell phones  running into poles all the time.

Have you ever you-tube the lady walking into a fountain in the mall while she was texting?

How can anyone not see value in the power of mobile?

It’s here to stay.

As a business owner, a responsive website is HUGE.

Responsive Design detects the type of device you are using and adjust the layout accordingly. This is a great one size fits all. You have 1 URL for any type of device and the layout adjusts. This works greats for smartphones, tablets and laptops and the dashboard of your future flying car! The crawl is efficient, and users don’t experience the slowdowns that redirects bring and search engines only have 1 page to rank.

Users love it, Google Loves it, Everybody is happy. (even the guy across from me whose nose is still 2 inches from his Ipad.  Good new for him, no fountains nearby.








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