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The Power of Social Media.

Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Linked In, Instagram, Stumble Upon, Digg, Blogger, Tumblr. These are all social networking sites.

…. And unless you’ve been living underneath a rock – I’m pretty positive you’ve heard of most of them.

I like to joke around and call the WORLD WIDE WEB – The WILD WILD WEST. 

Have you been in business longer than 10 years? 20 Years? Where did most of your business come from back then?

I’ll go ahead and answer this one for you… WORD OF MOUTH!

10-20 years ago if you had a good or bad experience you would share it with 2-5 people.

Social Media is the same concept, but its word of mouth “on steroids.” It has completely changed how people communicate and recommend business.

Let’s say I buy a house, and I’m a first time buyer – and my mom says to me “oh, those blinds are awful” – Of course, I’m offended so I get on my handy dandy smart phone to look up a local business who does interior decorating. I go venture out locally and shop for blinds, and end up with a new set of blinds.

The lady who helped me was absolutely fabulous, and she even had a guy come out and install everything. I was completely in love with my service and the blinds in my house look MUCH better than the “awful” blinds I had in there before. . . So as most social networking users would do… I take a picture of my blinds and I say something like this.

“Love my new blinds – Mega thanks to LocalInteriorDecorator for helping me pick them out! She was super great and helped me with all my needs. I’m so glad I upgraded. A little minor change like this really does benefit a house  – Go see Sally @ localinteriordecorator  and tell her I sent you #love #happy #newblinds #homedecorating.”


I share with 350 of my “friends” – I say 350 because the average Facebook users have 350 friends

. ……but wait….. There is more

Remember my mom who told me she hated my “awful” blinds? She sees my post and is WAY more excited than me that I got new blinds.

And….. she decides to hit the share button to show off that her daughter is all “grown up and making big girl decisions” – and my post is now shared with 350 of her friends.

Word of mouth on steroids.

There is a reason why FindMI offers social media as a tool to our clients.  It makes business sense, and we want to be able to offer our clients all the solutions that make sense. If you are interested in hearing more about our social media options for you – please email info@findmigroup.com

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