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How secure is your online presence?

Do you know what I mean by that?

I’m sure when you leave your house for the weekend, you lock the doors up to your house, and you make sure that everything is secure. You make sure the lights are all turned off, and nothing hazardous is left plugged in. So if you do all of this for your home, doesn’t it make sense to secure your online presence?

Just like burglars may rob your store, an online predator can sabotage your business without ever entering your building. From snarky reviews on your Facebook page to blatant manipulation of your directory listings, your business could potentially lose a lot of money if your online presence isn’t secure enough.

Whether you manage your website yourself, and let someone else take care of your social media, do you know who is monitoring your online presence… Do you know what’s being said about your business online.

Even if you don’t have a website, you still technically have an online presence. Even if you don’t have a Facebook page, there is probably a good chance that you have a business listing on there where people can comment and make reviews. More importantly, your company is listed on sites like yelp, citysearch, foursquare and even mapquest! (sadly, most of the information that is published is incorrect!)

If you care about the reputation of your company, please contact FindMI Group – and we can help you secure your online presence by helping you set up a “Google Alert” – it’s a free service from Google that allows you to receive an e-mail whenever your name or business name is mentioned online.

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