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Twitter has a new look!

Twitter has been piloting and gradually rolling out a new design for their profile pages over the past two months, giving the new profiles a more Facebook look and feel that takes full advantage of the screen space including a larger photo picture and a header profile picture that spans the full width of the page.

What’s up with everyone moving to the header profile picture? (Facebook, Google Plus and now twitter) seems like they all follow…

Even though the look of the cosmetic layout has changed, there are a few functionality improvements as well, including the ability to “pin” a selected tweet at the top of the profile.   “Pin” get that? Hmm, pinterest should be upset!

Twitter is now supporting some good looking header images now.  You’ll need to update your current photo to an image ideally sized at 1500 x 500 pixels, and no larger than 5MB.

  1. Your profile picture should be updated as well, using an image that is 400 x 400 pixels.
  2. You can now pin one of your tweets at a time.  This will make the tweet appear more prominently in your feed.
  3. Original tweets sent from your profile that receive several retweets will have their text bolded and slightly enlarged
  4. You have new options for sorting through other user’s twitter feeds.

Happy Tweeting!!

You also notice one of the big changes in this update is the removal of the background image, as the profile now dynamically takes up the full width of the page.

Go update your profile now!


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