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Business Consultation

It is said that only HALF of advertising is really effective in acquiring new clients and growing the business.  The question is – which half ?

In today’s competitive environment it is crucial that effective business marketing strategies are designed, implemented, reviewed and altered accordingly.  Mistakes can be costly, and most business owners agree that there is no supply of “free money” on hand to make bad decisions.  Marketing CAN produce results – so long as it is PlannedTargeted and Effective.  The days of throwing money at every newspaper ad and radio opportunity have long since disappeared.  It takes a knowledgeable team of consultants to guide this process.

We would ensure the following:

  • Market analysis and segmentation through client interviews and industry knowledge
  • Regular meetings for review and strategy analysis
  • Creative ideas for implementation
  • Advertisements utilize words & images that easily convey your message
  • Access to our creative team & all of our resources
  • We will be an active marketing arm for your business
  • Time logs provided

FindMI offer a business consultancy service aimed at helping you achieve the growth you want without exceeding your desired budget.

Market Analysis & Strategy

How do your potential customers differentiate your company from the competition?  It can be boiled down to two factors:

  • What is unique about you?
  • What does your target market believe will benefit them?

In order to understand the proper strategy to put into place, you must first keep the end users in mind:

  • How would customers benefit from switching to your product, from their existing supplier?
  • What would be the costs to the customer, of changing supplier?
  • How do your competitors position themselves in the market?

Now it is important you ask some serious questions:

  • What makes your product better than the competition?
  • Are your internal systems and communications geared up to ensure consistently good results for customers?
  • Do your existing customers rave about how good you are?

FindMI offers the following services to help insure you communicate the right message to the right people at the right time:

  • Company Branding & Logo Creation (Identity Development)
  • Target Market Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy Implementation

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